Sebastián H. Rivas

Video editing

My life in Syria

Video Editor and Colorizer

This project was really challenging, since my boss wanted to tell a story that showed the reality of Syria, but somehow with a different approach that didn't focus solely in the destruction and violence. There was a lot of footage to go through, and plenty of details to take care of since the video ended up being around 25 minutes.

Sunni vs Shia

Video Editor and Motion Graphics Designer

As part of Stay Curious and its informative videos, this one had a lot of research to be able to represent the information, but also to make it accessible for people with little to no knowledge of these religions.

Ultimate Cyprus roadtrip

Video Editor and Colorizer

Another 20+ minutes video that was extremely challenging to edit. The main goal was to show the roadtrip, along with a visual guide to Cyprus that would prove to be exciting and insightful. The result is my favorite video visually and rhythmically.

History of Islam

Video Editor and Motion Graphics Designer

This is the video in which I had the most fun because of the creative liberties we had while creating the graphics.


The Recs List

I am watching, listening and reading to my own lists and recommending what's worth it.